Executive Director: Maddie Taylor MaddieTaylor_SproutUpNYC

Maddie graduated from Barnard College in 2017 with a degree in Environmental Biology. She is a founding member of Sprout Up NYC. She has worked in environmental education for five years including positions at Hudson River Park Trust, NASA, and the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. She currently works as a community organizer for NYC H2O, and she is working on publishing her Barnard thesis on a very specific type of seaweed. In her free time, Maddie enjoys botany, marine biology, the culinary arts, and drinking earl grey lattes at plant-filled eateries throughout Brooklyn (with Janice).

Director of Development: Janice Fong 

Janice Fong is the Director of Development. She has held various roles within J.P. Morgan’s  Investment Bank, Commercial Bank, and Alternative Asset Management. She is currently an Analyst within Public Finance, extending credit and liquidity to not-for-profit entities such as municipalities, healthcare and higher education institutions, and biofuel facilities. Janice received a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Barnard College in 2017. She enjoys horticulture, veganism, playing with dogs, and hanging out with her best friend Maddie.

Director of Education: Walter HutchesonWalterHutcheson_SproutUpNYC

Walter Hutcheson graduated from New York University in 2017 with a major in Ecology. He was a founding member of Sprout Up NYC, where he is currently the Education Director. Currently, he is working as a marine science educator and field researcher at Hudson River Park and as an after-school teacher at PS 218 in the Bronx, teaching food justice and gardening. He loves gardening and dressing up fancy and jamming out to Ariana Grande, who is also his best friend.

Director of Community: Fiona Conway  

Fiona Conway graduated in 2017 from New York University and has worked FionaConway_SproutUpNYCwith Sprout Up for 3 years in a variety of positions, including being a founding member of SproutUpNYC. She currently works for Columbia University Medical Center and the New York State Psychiatric Institute as a research assistant, studying prenatal environmental risk factors for neurodevelopmental disorders and aims to start a Masters in Public Health program in 2019. In her free time she plays traditional Irish music, cooks/eats bomb vegan food and works towards minimizing her ecological footprint.

Director of Operations: Aviva Magder-Pascaris


Aviva Magder-Pascaris graduated in 2017 from New York University and has worked with Sprout Up for 2 years. She began as an instructor, went on to become the community manager of the New York University chapter, and now works on the executive board as the Director of Operations. She currently works at Brooklyn BotanicGarden as a school programs instructor, and in the Children’s Garden as a seasonal instructor. Outside of Brooklyn Botanic Garden she runs a community garden program at the Park Slope Public Library, and hopes to go on to graduate school next Fall. She loves polar bears, cooking, and travelling to exotic places.