Thanksgiving Newsletter

Hello Sprout Up NYC family and friends!

In honor of the holiday session, the Executive Board would like to extend a warm:

Thank YOU!

We would like to honor the spirit of the season and reflect on what wonderful things Sprout Up, and it’s community, has brought into each of our lives. We’ve made friends, created lasting memories for the children we teach and for ourselves. We too, perhaps, have learned a thing or two about the environment from the lessons that we teach. Perhaps we’ve learned about ourselves as well, what it takes to be a team player or leader, or how it feels to inspire and be a volunteer.

Katarina Pittis, a long time and valued Sprout Up Instructor with the NYU chapter, has written on her experience and how it has changed her life and colored her time as an undergrad.

“It took some time but I adjusted to the concrete jungle. I began to see nature growing through sidewalk cracks, tucked away in parks, and fostered in community gardens. It was beautiful in a different way. I developed a new drive to discover the nature within the city, and sought out to do two things: I searched for organizations that would foster the nature I loved and I strived to incorporate themes of environmentalism into my artwork.”

Please check out the rest of her article linking here.

Beyond that, if you are in the spirit of giving please consider donating to Sprout Up NYC. We’d be very thankful; as a nonprofit all your contributions go to keeping the chapters running.

Chapter Team News:

Both chapters are on Thanksgiving break. While Sprout Up classes have been windng down, finals season is fast approaching. We look foward to celebrating the end of a fruitful semester and the start of the next!

Volunteer Opportunities: 

Environmental: Environment and Revitalization Projects with New York Cares-New York Cares volunteers work year round to keep our city’s public spaces well maintained for all New Yorkers to enjoy and make sure that donated clothes and materials are redistributed to those in need.

Educational:Room to Read!Raise awareness for children’s literacy and girls’ education, while getting involved with the local NYC community! We are looking for volunteers with diverse skill sets to help raise awareness and fundraise for Room to Read’s global mission.

Within Sprout Up: Op-Ed – Help us create an Op-Ed, commentary and submission section for future newsletters! Submit your drafts and ideas to

Do you do work with another organization outside of Sprout Up NYC that is dedicated to children or the environment? Are you zero waste/vegetarian/vegan/low carbon footprint/upcycling master/ all of the above or an otherwise creative environmental steward or trying to be and would like to write about your experience? Interested in science writing or social commentary? Hit us up!

If you are a fluent Spanish speaker and would be willing/ able to translate some articles and/or curriculum materials into Spanish please contact:

Estimated time commitment: 5hrs per semester, flexible scheduling.

Bite-size Environmental News:

Environmental Cost of Thanksgiving: “As you prepare to gather your family together for Thanksgiving, it’s worth taking a moment to consider the impact your meal will have on the Earth and the climate. Using data compiled by the Environmental Working Group, it’s possible to estimate the carbon footprint of each element of your meal. It takes fossil fuels to plant, fertilize and transport the food, but not everything on the menu contributes equally. (All of these numbers are national averages.)”

Solar Energy Becomes Largest Source of New Electricity Capacity in India: The solar sector has surpassed coal as the largest generator of new electricity in India, accounting for 39 percent of new electricity production in 2017, according to new data.

Quote of the Day:

“If a child is to keep alive his inborn sense of wonder, he needs the companionship of at least one adult who can share it, rediscovering with him the joy, excitement and mystery of the world we live in.” 
Rachel Carson, was an American marine biologist, author, and conservationist whose book Silent Spring and other writings are credited with advancing the global environmental movement.

For questions, comments, concerns, ideas, and/or miscellaneous tidbits:

Please feel free to contact:

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