October 11th Newsletter

Hello Sprout Up NYC family and friends!

With classes in session and everyone settling into the routine, fundraising, community events and team building exercises are on the agenda. If you have any ideas for community events please feel free to contact the community manager of your chapter or contact fiona@sproutup.org.

Executive Team News:

Work on grant applications and edits to the website are underway so stay tuned!

If you would like to get involved with editing contributing to the website please speak to either of the community managers at NYU or CU or email fiona@sproutup.org

With costs continuing for the chapters, if you love the work done with Sprout UP NYC please consider visiting  https://www.nycharities.org/give/donate.aspx?cc=4273 or our donation page 🌱😊. None of this would be possible without donors like you. As a totally volunteer run organization, 100% of the funds we collect go to running  the chapters. We thank you for your continued support. ❤️

Chapter Team News:

Columbia Chapter:

The Columbia chapter team is having a few fundraising events in the near future. Succulents and Krispy Kreme are coming!

NYU Chapter:

The NYU chapter team had a successful clothes swap! There are also lovely Sprout Up tote bags for sale at the NYU chapter. Work is being done to bring them to the Columbia Chapter soon.

See pics down below:


Volunteer Opportunities:


Volunteer or Intern at Changing the PresentThe New York Times called ChangingThePresent.org an “amazon.com of the nonprofit world” for our work in helping 400 leading nonprofits capture money normally spent on traditional presents.We need environmental interns for a wide range of activities. Use and enhance your professional skills in strategy, partnerships, communications, writing, blogging, social media, graphics, research, community management, fundraising, sponsorships, public relations (PR), Human Resources (HR), marketing, event management, organizing, and activism.


 For The Birds!-The National Audubon Society’s volunteer program aims to inspire lifelong stewardship of our environment and communities, providing individuals the opportunity to develop skills needed for a successful career in conservation. Currently, volunteer opportunities are being offered in the area of Environmental Education.

Within Sprout Up:

If you are a fluent Spanish speaker and would be willing/ able to translate some articles and/or curriculum materials into Spanish please contact: fiona@sproutup.org

Estimated time commitment: 5hrs per semester, flexible scheduling.

Bite-size Environmental News:

Scientists Develop Tool Which Can Predict Coastal Erosion and Recovery in Extreme Storms The damage caused to beaches by extreme storms on exposed energetic coastlines and the rate at which they recover can now be accurately predicted thanks to new research led by the University of Plymouth. Working with the University of New South Wales, scientists have developed a computer model which uses past wave observations and beach assessments to forecast the erosion and/or accretion of beach sediments over the coming year.

Solar Flux as a New Power SourceExcess solar flux could be harnessed and used to generate additional electricity at a tower CSP plant, by cladding part of the tower containing the receiver with photovoltaic (PV) panels, according to Sandia scientist Cliff Ho.


Newly submitted idea for Newsletter Section: This Week in Environmental and Educational History

Thanks Walter for the idea submission!

5th Oct, 1978– Over 30 major nations ratify the Environmental Modification Convention which prohibits weather warfare that has widespread, long-lasting or severe effects

5th Oct, 1994– World Teachers Day, The UN created this day in 1994 to recognize the vital role teachers play in society.


11 Oct, 2000 – U.S.A. Environmental Disaster: A major environmental disaster happens when over 300 gallons of black sludge is released into the Mississippi River near Inez, Kentucky as the result of the collapse of an energy company’s dam resulting in the death of millions of fish and cost nearly 78 million dollars to clean up. the company was charged guilty of Clean Water Act violations.
12 Oct 2007– Gore wins noble peace prize. Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore was recognized for his efforts in raising awareness of man-made global warming.

Op-Ed – Help us create an Op-Ed, commentary and submission section for future newsletters! Submit your drafts and ideas to fiona@sproutup.org

Do you do work with another organization outside of Sprout Up NYC that is dedicated to children or the environment? Are you zero waste/vegetarian/vegan/low carbon footprint/upcycling master/ all of the above or an otherwise creative environmental steward or trying to be and would like to write about your experience? Hit us up!

Quote of the Day:

You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.

-Jane Goodall

For questions, comments, concerns, ideas, and/or miscellaneous tidbits:

Please feel free to contact: fiona@sproutup.org


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