September 12th Newsletter

Hello Sprout Up NYC family and friends!

If you’ve been upstate recently you may have noticed the leaves have already begun to change. Or, if you haven’t been able to beat the hustle and bustle of the city, you may have noticed a chill in the evenings, or at least the creeping in of pumpkin flavored everything on store shelves. Yes, its that time of year again, autumn has arrived, and just because the beach isn’t beckoning like it did last month doesn’t mean that there aren’t great opportunities to get out in nature! Every fall NYC parks burst with color and offers great opportunities for art classes and foliage tours. Not to mention a short trip north on the Metro North Railroad or out the island on the LIRR offers some great pumpkin picking opportunities. For more more ways to get out in nature and to volunteer this fall, be sure to check out the volunteer section down below!

Executive Team News:

We are going to be introducing an internship opportunity for Sprout Up NYC instructors and general members. This semester we will be only opening the opportunity up to NYU students in Gallatin but we are beginning to reach out to other schools and departments and hopefully by registration season we will have a list of departments who have approved Sprout Up NYC as a credit granting internship! This is a great internship for anyone studying education, environmental science, urban studies, activism, and/or social justice.

For students currently in Gallatin and who would like to have Sprout Up NYC be a 2-4 credit internship this semester:

  • Please contact ASAP with your resume and 3 references’ contact information (may be academic, professional, or other if you provide adequate reasoning). Make it known in your email if you have already signed up to be an instructor, or if you would like to be, and the time commitment you are able to make (or credit hours, 10hrs=4credits, 6hrs=2 credits).
  • We are looking for someone who is committed to Sprout Up NYC’s mission, who is detail oriented, and reliable.
  • The intern’s responsibilities will be flexible depending on if you are eligible to be an instructor but you will be required to assist the executive board with tasks involving but not limited to: environmental and educational research, community outreach, documenting experience in the classroom, and potentially marketing and miscellaneous administrative tasks.

Chapter Team News:

Both chapter teams have started out the semester strong with LOADS of new interest thanks to successful campaigns and club festivals! Interviews have begun so if you are a returning member be sure to secure your spot ASAP!

Volunteer Opportunities:


BIGReuse, Build It Green! NYC

Nonprofit program BIG!NYC takes basic recycling to new lengths, reducing city waste by selling low-cost, salvaged and surplus building material like scaffolding, tiling, panels and shutters, which would otherwise get dumped in a landfill. They believe that the best way to support the community is by directly engaging those with whom they share the space. They have extensive volunteer opportunities at their Reuse Centers, compost drop-off sites, and their compost processing site. 3-17 26th Ave between 3rd and 4th Sts, Astoria, Queens (718-777-0132) • 69 9th St at Gowanus Canal, Gowanus, Brooklyn (718-725-8925)


Education Alliance Volunteer

About: “In our early childhood and afterschool programs and camps, young people find a nurturing place where they can visualize a bright future for themselves as they learn, explore, and grow. For parents, our programs provide useful resources and a supportive network as they navigate the challenges and triumphs of raising children while pursuing their own educational and career goals. Community members have a place to strengthen their muscles with physical activity and nourish their bodies with healthy food. Older adults stay independent, healthy, and connected in our community centers and in their homes so that aging is a journey they take as part of a community, not in isolation. For others, a bright future means achieving and maintaining sobriety, reconnecting with family and friends, securing employment, learning English, and becoming an American citizen. For artists—amateur and professional; young and old—it means that there is time, space, and inspiration to discover and develop their own creative voices and showcase their work.”

For more information:

Within Sprout Up:

If you are a fluent Spanish speaker and would be willing/ able to translate some articles and/or curriculum materials into Spanish please contact:

Estimated time commitment: 5hrs per semester, flexible scheduling.

Bite-size Environmental News:

Recycling breakthrough! A new rare-earth magnet recycling process dissolves magnets in an acid-free solution and recovers high purity rare earth elements.

Wind Cheaper than Nuclear for UK? The cost of subsidies for new offshore wind farms has halved since the last 2015 auction for clean energy projects. Two firms in the UK said they were willing to build offshore wind farms for a guaranteed price of £57.50 per megawatt hour for 2022-23. This compares with the new Hinkley Point C nuclear plant securing subsidies of £92.50 per megawatt hour. Nuclear firms said the UK still needed a mix of low-carbon energy, especially for when wind power was not available. However, this is certainly looking favorable for wind energy. But, experts warn that in order to meet the UK’s long term climate goals, additional sources of low-carbon energy will still be needed.

Zero Waste College Sports Teams? A new study analyzing waste and recyclables during Mizzou’s 2014 home football season demonstrates that by implementing several recommendations the team developed, such as offering better recycling receptacles and better sorting options for waste, sporting venues could be well on their way to achieving environmental benefits that exceed the standards for ‘zero-waste’ operations.

Want to learn more about composting? Lower East Side composting class! September 23rd 🙂

Op-Ed – Help us create an Op-Ed, commentary and submission section for future newsletters! Submit your drafts and ideas to

Do you do work with another organization outside of Sprout Up NYC that is dedicated to children or the environment? Are you zero waste/vegan/low carbon footprint/upcycling master/ all of the above or an otherwise creative environmental steward or trying to be and would like to write about your experience? Hit us up!

Quote of the Day: Every drop in the ocean counts.- Yoko Ono

For questions, comments, concerns, ideas, and/or miscellaneous tidbits:

Please feel free to contact:


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