Newsletter Welcome!

Introduction and Message from the Executive Board:

Dear Sprout Up NYC Community Members,

We are pleased to introduce to you the first (of hopefully many) biweekly newsletters. Here you will find not only updates from the Executive board and the Columbia and NYU chapters, but articles for and by SproutUp Instructors, information about the schools we work with, our goals as an organization as they form and come to fruition, opportunities to volunteer in your community both through SproutUp and through our partner organizations, and much more.

With more than 50 instructors from 2 University chapters teaching 120+ students in 5 public schools per semester, and these numbers ever growing, we feel more than ever the necessity of a cohesive understanding of the Sprout Up Community. We have come to realize that without a place for the growing SUp community to express itself and share ideas our sense of unity and ability to flourish will never reach its full potential.

We look forward to new growth and partnerships as we enter the next academic year. We look forward to hearing your stories, ideas for upcoming issues and welcome your contributions and feedback. Our next, and first full, newsletter containing updates from the chapters and other news will be published August 28th. Please feel free to contact with your ideas, for more information and to contribute. We look forward to hearing from you.


The Sprout Up NYC Executive Board
Maddie, Executive Director
Walter, Director of Operations
Annie, Director of Education
Janice, Director of Development
Fiona, Director of Community

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