Welcome to Sprout Up NYC’s webpage!

Sprout Up provides free, college-student led environmental education programs to 1st and 2nd grade classrooms throughout New York City. We teach children vital concepts in environmental science, sustainability, and the unique New York City ecosystem that surrounds them. During the earliest stages of their educational development, we encourage kids to think in new ways about the world around them through activities, experiments, and discussions, inspiring them to bring the message of environmental stewardship home to their families and friends. In this way, we cultivate the next generation of passionate caretakers of the earth and promote sustainability from the youngest members of society up.

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Since its establishment in the spring of 2015, Sprout Up NYC has taught in over 20 classrooms, providing hands on environmental science education for approximately 500 schoolchildren and meaningful teaching and leadership experience for approximately 150 undergraduate instructors. Perhaps more importantly, the public schools that we teach in serve high proportions of underserved students. It is our hope that our free programs provide much needed support for schools with limited budgetary resources for science and environmental stewardship programs.  

Sprout Up NYC addresses the issues of limited science education funding, low math and science test scores, and a limited understanding of and appreciation for the natural world among NYC’s youth. By sending energetic college students into first and second grade classrooms throughout the city, we attempt to motivate and inspire young children to become passionate caretakers of the earth. In so doing we hope to inspire a love of learning and of the natural world in our students, all at no cost to schools.

We currently have chapters at Columbia University and New York University and as of January 2017 are in 12 classrooms between 5 public elementary schools throughout The Bronx, Brooklyn and Manhattan. We are always looking to expand and spread our mission and hope to be in more public schools across all 5 boroughs, served by more university chapters this time next year.

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If you are a New York City area school representative or parent interested in having us in your child’s classroom please do not hesitate to contact us. We are also very happy to hear from college representatives or young adults interested in volunteering with us; we’d be happy to discuss volunteer and chapter development opportunities.